Volunteer Opportunities in Kent, Talbot and Caroline County Maryland

We are Upper Shore RSVP: Building Resources Supporting Seniors  Connecting the Community  By recruiting senior volunteers in our Eastern Shore communities.

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RSVP Begins to Take Hold

Two local Kent County nonprofit agencies recently joined the Upper Shore Retired & Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP). Kent Association of Riding Therapy (KART), and the Chester River Hospital Center Auxiliary have signed on to be a part of the RSVP volunteer network.

According to Mavis Jones, Project Director for Kent County RSVP, “Becoming an RSVP volunteer station simply means that RSVP can help recruit and place volunteers with these organizations to help them achieve their mission”.

RSVP is an AmeriCorps Senior national program, which is sponsored locally by Upper Shore Aging, Inc. RSVP is specifically geared to helping adults aged 55 and older, find a volunteer opportunity that taps their skills, interests, and experience to meet a wide range of community needs.
“When a volunteer joins RSVP, they choose how they want to give back. Volunteers can choose the volunteer opportunity that is right for them, they can serve as many hours as their schedule allows, and they can serve in a capacity that is meaningful to them, putting their passion to work to enrich their community, says Jones.

For an organization, the benefit to joining RSVP is that RSVP can help plan, train and recruit for successful volunteer placements that strengthen their organization and help them achieve their mission.
I am excited to have these two organizations join RSVP, and look forward to working with them, says Jones. “Having these organizations join RSVP will help to build a solid volunteer network in our community. Giving back and being a part of a thriving community volunteer network benefits everyone and I am hopeful that more organizations and more volunteers will join”, says Jones.

If you are a local agency looking for volunteers or if you are 55 years and older and are interested in volunteering, consider becoming involved with RSVP.

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Kent County RSVP 410.708.6610

Talbot County RSVP 410822.2869 ext. 255

Caroline County RSVP 410.725.4275

Visit our webpage at www.volunteersontheshore.org

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