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Who We Are

The Retired & Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) is a volunteer network composed of active senior volunteers (age 55+) who are dedicated to making a difference in their communities. Our Upper Eastern Shore network comprises Kent, Caroline and Talbot counties.


We seek to build resources, support seniors, and connect to the community by utilizing the talents of senior volunteers in our Eastern Shore communities. We seek to help organizations meet their mission by recruiting and placing volunteers where they are needed the most.


Create a place where seniors can find a volunteer opportunity that is right for them. We also want to encourage organizations in the community to think about how they can support seniors and show how the passion of one person can make a difference in the life of another.

Volunteering Info, Benefits and Inquiry Form Quick Links

Inquiry Form for an individual interested in Volunteering
Find the Volunteer Opportunity Right for You
If your agency or organization is interested in partnering with us

Critical Needs Areas for Volunteer Support

Food Insecurity

Volunteers serve in the
Meals-On-Wheels program,
and at food pantries all over the Upper Shore RSVP county areas of Kent, Caroline and Talbot.

Access to Care

Volunteers serve by providing transportation for seniors to important destinations, such as medical appointments, the pharmacy and the grocery store.

Social Isolation

Volunteers serve by teaching a class or leading an activity
at a senior center or providing telephone outreach
to seniors at home.

Program Progress

Current Volunteer Stats

30 volunteers in three Upper Shore counties


Our goal is to increase volunteers by 50% in 2023 and to increase our network of Volunteer Partner Agencies and Stations